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Ida minerva tarbells most popular book is history of standard oil company. Ida tarbell and rockefeller by maily nguyen on prezi. As the muckraking journalist of mcclures magazine who helped focus national attention on the trust problem in the first decade of the twentieth century, ida m. The history of the standard oil company is a 1904 book by journalist ida tarbell. In an article entitled pioneer women of the oil industry, written by ida tarbell in 1934, she tells of her life in rousevilleattending mrs. Her work was a sensation and the installments became a twovolume book entitled, the history of the standard oil company, published in 1904. One month after lincoln steffens launched his assault on urban politics, tarbell began her mcclures series entitled history. Success in uncovering misdeeds by the rich and powerful can mean instant fame, tv talk shows, and perhaps a movie. She was born november 5, 1857 in erie pennsylvania.

The book thus criticized this aspect of consumerism, social order, and economic status. Tarbell, the history of the standard oil company, mcclures magazine, 19021904. Ida tarbell wrote the book to take down standard oil after they screwed over her father. Ida tarbell was born in erie county, pennsylvania, which was an area rich with oil. Muckrakers such as ida tarbell started writing articles for newspapers as a way to express how corrupt business, health, and government was to suggest change in their society. North conway, as well as the single most influential book on. The book exposed the poor labor practices and unsanitary conditions that produced contaminated food. In a 12part series, journalist ida tarbell took on one of the most powerful men in the country, john d.

Ida tarbell was born in 1857 on the erie county, pennsylvania, farm of her maternal grandparents, known to history only as the mcculloughs. This term applies to newspaper reporters and other writers who pointed out the social problems of the era of big business. Louis, that would later be published together in a book titled the shame of the cities. Take a look at the journalists papers, correspondence, photographs, and memorabilia. Ida was well known for her writing and also for her findings of the standard oil companys practices and for the articles that she had in the mcclures magazine. She was considered a muckracker for her investigative journalism in company monopolies, standard oil being the most influential. It is an expose about the standard oil company, run at the time by oil tycoon.

Her articles followed henry demarest lloyds book, wealth against commonwealth, published in 1894, which examined the excesses of standard oil. Ida tarbell was a muckraker who wrote in the magazine mcclures 1921. Social welfare history project tarbell, ida minerva. Ida minerva tarbell november 5, 1857 january 6, 1944 was an american writer, investigative journalist, biographer and lecturer. Ida tarbell was an american journalist born on november 5, 1857, in erie county, pennsylvania. At the age of 14, ida tarbell witnessed the cleveland massacre, in which dozens.

She was considered a muckracker for her investigative journalism in americas issues such as monopolies standard oil. Born in 1857 in a log cabin in hatch hollow, pennsylvania, tarbells first dream was to be a scientist. Brief biography and bibliography ida tarbell allegheny. Apush unit 7 part 2 progressive era timeline created by alexavjane. Ida tarbell, investigative journalist, lecturer, and chronicler of american industry, best known for her classic the history of the standard oil company 1904, which helped define the trend to investigation, expose, and crusading in liberal journals of the day that came to be known as muckraking. Madame muckraker american, american history, ida tarbell. The impact on progressivism was in 1890, jacob riis shocked middleclass americans with how the other half lives. Lafollete fighting bob, govermor of minnesota, regulated. Ida spent her days playing among oil derricks on slippery, oilsoaked soil. Her work incited the breakup of a major monopoly, and set a new standard in journalism. Wrote a book that showed horrible conditions of canning workers and incited better food regulation.

The crusading american journalist ida minerva tarbell 18571944 is known as the muckraker who cracked the oil trust. If economically feasible for families, cult of domesticity accepted by men and women. The book quickly became a bestseller and established tarbell as an early. The omaha platform, adopted by the founding convention of the party on july 4, 1892, set out the basic tenets of the populist movement. Ida minerva tarbell was an american journalist and lecturer best known for her work, the history of the standard oil company 1904. These journalists were called muckrakers, and famous among them were upton sinclair and ida tarbell. She was also an outstanding biographer of abraham lincoln ida tarbell was born on nov. Tarbells book relates to the theme of turning points in history because it caused significant changes and improvements to american history. Ida tarbells passing ida tarbell passed away in 1944. Muckraking journalism emerged at the end of the 19th century largely in response to the excesses of the gilded age, and ida tarbell was one of the most famous of the muckrakers. Originally serialized in nineteen parts in mcclures magazine, the book is a seminal example of muckraking, and inspired many other journalists to write about trusts, large.

Science was a field largely closed to women, however, and she. The woman who took on the tycoon history smithsonian. By any description, ida tarbell was one of the most powerful women of her time in the united states. The history of the standard oil company is one of the most thorough accounts of the rise of the business monopoly and its corrupt practices. Ida tarbell ida minerva tarbell was an american writer, investigative journalist, biographer and lecturer. On the standard oil company national humanities center. She went on to found and become integral in groups.

It was part of the progressive movement and the books purpose was to show the. Tarbell wrote a detailed expose of rockefellers unethical tactics, sympathetically portraying the plight of pennsylvanias independent oil workers. As a younger woman, in 1904, tarbell made her reputation by publishing the history of the standard oil company, the mother of trusts. Ida tarbell, history of standard oil and lincoln steffens, shame of our cities. Read her biography, then follow the links to the best tarbell resources on the web. Ida is also well known for her autobiography she had written 5 years.

The reform impulse free printable american history. Wells was an african american journalist, abolitionist and feminist who led an antilynching crusade in the united states in the 1890s. Ida tarbell apush by bhakapol bhakdibhumi on prezi next. Tarbell is forever linked with the reforming spirit of the progressive era. She came from a long line of scottish and english ancestors who had first arrived on the continent in the seventeenth century and had continued ever since to push west. Ida tarbell was an american journalist best known for her pioneering investigative reporting that led to the breakup of the standard oil companys monopoly. Muckraker, any of a group of american writers identified with preworld war i reform and expose literature. Oliver wendell holmes dissenter, judicial restraint brandeis briefmuller v. Investigative journalist par excellence by arthur l. She was one of the leading muckrakers of the progressive era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and pioneered investigative journalism. In his novel the jungle, sinclair told the story of european immigrants working in chicagos meatpacking industry. Sadly, many small business owners, such as her own father, struggled to keep their business alive or were forced to sell to standard oil. Ida tarbell, investigative journalist, lecturer, and chronicler of american industry, best known for her classic the history of the standard oil.

Rockefeller, random reminiscences of men and events, 1909 pub. Meeting at philadelphia, the republicans expressed jubilation over the successful outcome of the war with spain, the restoration of prosperity, and the effort to obtain new. In 1999, when nyus department of journalism ranked important works of journalism from the 20th century, ida tarbells. Significance of the history of the standard oil company.

The muckrakers provided detailed, accurate journalistic accounts of the political and economic corruption and social hardships caused by the power of big business in a. Ida tarbell november 5, 1857january 6, 1944 was a critic of corporate power and muckraking journalist. Ida tarbell was an america teacher and noticeable author journalist. She was the only woman in her graduating class at allegheny college in 1880. Eventually she published several articles and a book on the subject which deeply marked standard oil corporation. Like many others at that time, tarbell was disturbed by the effect of rapid industrialization on workers. Ida tarbell was an american journalist whose investigative reporting led to the breakup of the standard oil companys monopoly. Ida tarbell wrote a book about rockefellers monopoly over the oil business. A leading muckraker and magazine editor, she exposed the corruption of the oil industry with her 1904 work a history of standard oil.

The origins of the progressive spirit in america us history. Review of american pageant kennedy chapter 28, american history brinkley chapter 20, americas history henretta chapter 1920. It was a damning indictment of the dirt, disease, vice, and misery or the ratgnawed human rookeries known as new york slums. Rockefeller, the richest figure in american history. It has been called a masterpiece of investigative journalism, by historian j. Muckraking the use of journalism to expose the underside of american life. Rices home schooland the problems her mother had bringing children up among the oil derricks. When her history of the standard oil company was published, first in mcclures magazine and then as a book 1904, it shook the rockefeller interests, caused national outrage, and led the supreme court to fragment the. The history of the standard oil company grew to be a nineteenpart series, published between november 1902 and october 1904. Ida minerva tarbell has 124 books on goodreads with 1882 ratings. Identifications jacob riis irish immigrant writer how the other half livesny sun, talked about ny slumsm ida tarbell writer, devastating expose on standard oil, mcclures magazine robert m. Ida tarbell was an accomplished and prominent woman in america between 1870 and 1912. She played a pivotal role in the early roots of investigative. Ida tarbell allegheny college has dedicated this website to their famous alumna ida tarbell, a 2000 inductee into the national womens hall of fame.

Ida tarbell and the history of the standard oil company 1902 o. Lowrie, allegheny college class of 1955 investigative journalism is the contemporary journalists path to fame and fortune and the competition is fierce. The history of the standard oil company grew to be a nineteenpart series. Ida tarbell, perhaps the most wellknown female muckraker, wrote a series of articles on the dangers of john d. The presidential election of 1900 gave the american people a chance to pass judgment on the republican administration of president mckinley, especially its foreign policy.

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