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Religious tourism as a tour ism product krzysztof rejman1,2,a, piotr maziarz2,b. Request pdf religious tourism and pilgrimage festivals management. S 1995 sustainable development of pilgrimage tourism in destination areas, it is important to have responsible visitors with high proenvironmental orientation and a critical minimum knowledge of pilgrimage tourism. An international perspective, 2nd edition kindle edition by r. Griffin 3 motivations for religious tourism, pilgrimage, festivals and events 35 ruth blackwell 4 the management and marketing of religious sites, pilgrimage and religious events. On the occasion of the centenary of the apparitions of fatima 19172017, the international congress on religious tourism and pilgrimage will be organized jointly by the world tourism organization unwto, the ministry of economy of portugal and the municipality of ourem. Pilgrimage tourism may be one of the earliest and most important forms of tourism. There are about 350 million buddhist people in the. Religious tourism and pilgrimage management an international perspective by r raj and nd morpeth, cab international. Religious tourism has increasingly won in popularity in recent years. This paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of governance and management of religious tourism. Religious tourism and pilgrimage management cabi publishing. Pilgrimage tourism and its economic dimensions tourism essay. Summary, conclusions and recommendations the present study has been concerned with evaluating the pilgrimage tourism in north india which consists of five different sites having importance at international level and situated in five states of north india viz.

Pdf religious tourism, pilgrimage, and cultural tourism. For as long as human beings have existed they have been interested in travel. Sustaining tourism infrastructures for religious tourists and. Pilgrimage tour india, pilgrimage tour packages india, india. Feb 19, 2015 information about the openaccess journal international journal of religious tourism and pilgrimage in doaj. The pilgrimage traveler is on a spiritual journey to a new. Global perspectives on religious tourism and pilgrimage provides emerging research on religious tourism, the cultural impact of religion, and religiositys impact on new market. The role of religious tourism in the development and. Describing practical applications, models and case studies, this book provides an insight into the management of religious tourism, covering both ancient sacred sites and emerging destinations. There are many types of tourism in the world that allow travellers to gain new experience, get to know new cultures, see exceptional tourist attractions, and more. Pdf international journal of religious tourism and. Global perspectives on religious tourism and pilgrimage. This book addresses the central role of religious tourism and interrelationships with other aspects of pilgrimage management. An international perspective religion and spirituality are common motivations for travel, with many major tourist.

Part i chapters 16 covers concepts in religious tourism and pilgrimage management. Although famous for hindu pilgrimage sites, india is a secular state that gives equal importance to all religions. The organizers of religious tourism must reckon with the fact that people differ, they. The method of research used in this study was based on one hundred questionnaires, which the pilgrims themselves were asked to complete. Pt is defined as a process consisting of three subprocesses over time and across contexts. This is for both religious reasons per seand economic impacts. School of hospitality management and tourism, dublin institute of technology, ireland kevin. Architectural heritage management and tourism abstract the aim. Religious tourism, spiritual tourism, sacred tourism, or faith tourism, is a type of tourism with two main subtypes. In fact, one of the most insightful experiences of my life came when i discovered that you can have a spiritual journey and personal transformation, without ever going anywhere.

Religion, pilgrimage, and tourism 1st edition alex norman. Pilgrimage is defined as a journey to a faraway place with the intention of executing. Much focuses on betterknown sites and bigger events, while lesserknown activities are neglected. For example, rishikesh is marketed as both a religious and an adventure tourism destination. Jammu and kashmir, himachal pradesh, punjab, haryana and uttarakhand. This is the facebook page for a new highquality, online, international, free, open access, double blind.

From biblical times pilgrimages have not only been calls to spirituality but also major economic drivers that impact not only the soul but also the pocketbook. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world. Purpose this paper aims to examine the elements of the main process of pilgrimage tourism pt, occurring between pilgrims, hikers and tourists along a trail towards a holy site. Only blind faith may not be the attraction of these sites. The worlds largest form of mass religious tourism takes place at the annual hajj pilgrimage in mecca, saudi arabia. Implicit in this statement is the notion that some places are more special pe. Sep 24, 2015 within the past 10 years religious tourism has seen both economic and educationsector growth on a global scale. International journal of religious tourism and pilgrimage.

Description describing practical applications, models and case studies, this book provides an insight into the management of religious tourism, covering both ancient sacred sites and emerging destinations. Religious tourism and pilgrimage management cabi literati. Classification of tourism literature religious tourism definition and form of religious tourism pilgrimage tourism types and characteristics of pilgrimage religious tourism excursioncognitive orientation industry of religious tourism structure of religion typology of modern religions religious tourism in christianity. Religious tourism as a tourism product world scientific news. The role of religious tourism in the development and growth of urban metropolis. What are the influence of religious factors on pilgrimage. It fully explored the pressures on sacred spaces to become commercialised and festivalised areas, while still maintaining their religious and spiritual. Religious tourism constitutes the dominant form of tourism in india and yet little is known about how it is governed and managed. To study about the pilgrimage tourism and its economic impacts. This is so, in spite of recognizing that managers of religious sites.

Almost as a compromise, scholars have found use of composite words such as religious tourism and pilgrimage tourism more reasonable and less controversial. An innovative mechanism to streamline this development can be to market a religious tourism destination as an alternative tourism destination. Religion, pilgrimage, and tourism crc press book for as long as human beings have existed they have been interested in travel. Though interest has increased, religious tourism is vastly underrepresented in modern research and not much is known on the subjects presence in most countries. It provides practical applications, models and illustrations and looks at secular and sacred spaces on a global stage. Although it is often considered as marginal, the pilgrimage tourism is indeed one of the most widespread forms of tourism. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Introduction, r raj and n d morpeth the globalisation of pilgimage tourism, k a griffin, dubin institute of technology, ireland motivations for religious tourism, pilgrimage, festivals, and events, r blackwell, leeds metropolitan university, uk the management and promotion of religious tourism sites, pilgrimage and religious events, j pavicic, university of zagreb, croatia n alfirevic. The purpose of this paper is to describe, characterise and analyse the behavioural characteristics of christian pilgrims to holy sites in the holy land at the present time. Due to the historical context all the necessary prerequisites for the use of its potential are developed in slovakia.

Impacts of religious and pilgrimage tourism in rural areas. Religious tourism and pilgrimage festivals management an international perspective this page intentionally left blank. You can find numerous temple towns, exotic pilgrimage sites and unique rituals in the country. The role of religious tourism in the development and growth. Razaq raj, leeds beckett university, uk, kevin griffin. The conclusion is that a scale exists upon which the touristbehavioural.

Tourism associated with religions, sites and pilgrimage is recognized as ever more important. The importance of religious tourism and pilgrimage. Dec 07, 2012 however, travel to sacred sites, at least in developing countries, has an exclusive religious component and therefore defies its categorisation as tourism alone. Their homelands and cultural norms have always been constructed with reference to, or contrasted with, the lands and habits of the other.

In the case of mashhad, iran iman foruzan submitted to the institute of graduate studies and research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science in tourism management eastern mediterranean university september, 2014. Religious tourism, also commonly referred to as faith tourism, is a type of tourism, where people travel individually or in groups for pilgrimage, missionary, or leisure fellowship purposes. To study the positive and negative,social and environmental impacts of pilgrimage tourism management. This is a pilgrimage inplace and can be just as effective as an actual journey. Hallowed prayers, enchanting halls, oddest ritual activities, splendid architecture and much more.

Kaell, notes on pilgrimage studies abstract this article discusses some recent theoretical and methodological trends in studies of pilgrimage, a field that has grown significantly as. Strategic marketing communication in pilgrimage tourism. He has published widely in books and journals and has jointly edited two tourism books with cabi. Religious tourism and pilgrimage festivals management. International congress on religious tourism and pilgrimage. Faith based tourism exists throughout the world, from india to mexico, from israel to saudi arabia. The paper discusses the pilgrimage tourism as one of the oldest forms of tourism. This 2nd edition lays a foundation for scholars, practitioners and students who do not study management, but who are concerned with the appearance and development of religious tourism and pilgrimage. His current research projects and interests are in community and sustainability initiatives and the visual arts and tourism planning and development as well as in pilgrimage and tourism. To identify the social, cultural and economic impact of the pilgrimage tourism management. General characteristics of religious tourism in croatia. Religious tourism and pilgrimage management, 2nd edition.

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