Notches and stress concentration pdf

L convenient to think of kf as a stress concentration factor reduced from kt because of lessened sensitivity to notches. We present a survey of investigations of the stress concentration in elastic bodies weakened by sharp and rounded vnotches. This book compiles solutions of linear theory of elasticity problems for isotropic and anisotropic bodies with sharp and rounded notches. The notches are causing an inhomogeneous stress distribution, see figure 3. The maximum stress occurs on the inside of the hole, slightly below the shaft surface. The degree of stress and strain concentration is a factor in the fatigue strength of notched parts. Stress concentration 20022014 darrell socie, all rights reserved 44 of 63. The theoretical stress concentration factor, k t, 6 is defined as the ratio between the peak stress at the root of the notch and the nominal stress which would be present if a stress concentration did not occur. Similar to the fillet radius, holes, notches, or grooves also bring in sudden change in the geometric form.

A discontinuity such as a circular, circumferential groove is a stress raiser. It contains an overview of established and recent achievements, and presents the authors original solutions in the field considered with extensive discussion. Approximate stress concentration factors kts for a round bar or tube having a transverse round hole and loaded in torsion source. Stress concentration caused by sudden change in form.

Peterson, stress concentration factors, wiley, new york, 1974, pp. Fatigue stress concentration factors lkf is normally used in fatigue calculations but is sometimes used with static stresses. Special attention is given to the unified approach to the study of. The effects of stress raisers are usually given in terms of a stress concentration factor, k, which is the factor by which the stress at the considered discontinuity is raised over the nominal stress in the area of the discontinuity. Stress concentration an overview sciencedirect topics. The twelfth chapter concerns with studying stress concentration near notches in quasiorthotropic bodies, that is bodies with the special type of orthotropy when the characteristic equation has. This means all these features will also be associated with stress concentration effect. Pdf stress concentration near sharp and rounded vnotches. Stress concentration produced by holes and notches. L if notch sensitivity data is not available, it is conservative to use kt in fatigue calculations.

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