Samsung ativ book 9 haswell i7

Audio pros will love the long battery life and the included features for producing high quality music and audio. Samsung ativ book 9 plus ultrabook powered by intel. It also has a very powerful processor, with an i7haswell that is very powerful for an. Samsung launches the ativ book 9 plus with core i7 and windows. The samsung ativ book 9 plus ultrabook is powered by the latest 4th generation intel haswell processor and sports a nice 3 inch qhd display 3200x1800.

Samsung ativ book 9 plus vs sony vaio pro, macbook air. While its name follows samsungs new conventions, its formfactor is identical to the new series 9. Ive told you a couple of things about the samsung ativ book 9 plus in a previous article and in this one were going to see how the book 9 plus stands when compared to some of its most known rivals. A lossless audio player delivers studioquality sound for music and movies. The higher end models have full hd to an even higher 3200 x 1800 resolution displays and backlit keyboards. The cpu is paired with an 8gb of ram and the storage is a 256gb solid state drive ssd. Samsung pulled back the veil, showing off some new products at ces 2014, including an ash black samsung ativ book 9 touchscreen aluminum ultrabook computer running windows 8. Slashgear enit utilizing the best in optimized hardware from the past several generations of samsung notebooks and todays finest in processing power save the slightly more expensive intel i7 version of this device, the samsung ativ book 9 plus is easily one of the finest laptops on the market. Samsung ativ book 9 plus beefed up with core i7 and windows.

The company announced two versions ativ book 9 plus and ativ book 9 lite, both ultrabooks feature a inch display with latest amd and intel processors. Intels latest processor generation haswell is manufactured in a 22 nm. Under its hood, the samsung ativ book 9 plus is powered by the latest 4th generation intel core haswell processor. This makes the new ativ book 9 last up to 14 hours on a single charge. The inch ativ book 9 plus will also offer haswell chips, in both the i5 and i7 configurations. It replaces my 2011 toshiba qosmio i7 not only does it have a quad hd 2k touch screen, it boots to windows 8. The new samsung ativ book 9 plus has the same styling as the companys earlier series 9 ultrabooks, but under. Samsung ativ book 9 plus performance, battery life and. Samsung series 9 full hd samsung ativ book 9 ultrabook. Book 9 plus featured haswell intel core i5 processor and. The notebook team at samsung have unveiled a new ultrabook configuration this week in the ativ book 9 plus, a machine rolling out with a build just a pinch or a punch, whichever you perceive it to. The ativ book 7 ultrabook is part of samsungs premium series and as such sits just one tier below the manufacturers topend, ultraslim, and rather pricey ativ book 9 models. Book 9 plus ein solches alleinstellungsmerkmal zu fehlen. From a design perspective, nothing beats the 9 plus, and its more visually daring than the aging macbook air design yet its stately enough for business.

Samsung doesnt need to do too much to hold its position as one of the premiere laptop makers, but it went ahead and did it anyway. The samsung ativ book 9 plus is a rebirth of the book 9series 9, a laptop line. Click to enlargethe ativ book 9s 2ghz intel core i73537u processor. Ausfuhrlicher test des samsung ativ book 9 plus intel core i5 4200u. Ativ book 9 plus is available in just one configuration, and it rocks generally the same components as other ultrabooks weve tested recently. With the samsung ativ book 9 plus, samsung looks to be taking the ultrabook form factor to the next level. So, my search has slightly changed and i wanted your input again. Intel core i74550u, intel hd graphics 5000, samsung mzntd512hagl. Ultrabook ativ book 9 plus mit intel core i7, 8 gbyte ram. Starting with the plus, it steps up to haswell processors core i5 and i7, as well as a 3,200 x 1,800 touchscreen.

Samsung intros ativ book 9 plus flagship ultrabook, ativ. Samsung ativ book 9 plus 2014 with intel broadwell. You can easily open the case of the samsung ativ book 9 2014 after you. Its essentially a slight redesign of the handsome samsung series 9 900x3d laptop we. Samsung ativ book 9 plus inch specs, price and features. Samsung apps, samsung fast booting, samsung fast solutions, samsung fast start. It might be a core i5 or a core i7 ult processor, depending on the configuration.

Samsung might not be offering ultrabook models with intels powerefficient fourthgeneration haswell processors until the fall, but the ativ book 9. Enjoy powerful performance and portability with the samsung ativ book 9 2014 edition. All models come with either intel core i5 or i7 cpus and solidstate drivessd storage. The samsung series 9, now rechristened as the ativ book 9, is samsungs top of the line series of ultrabooks. Samsung stops hiding ativ book plus 9 ultrabook with intel. These machines are incredibly light and thin, with finely honed aluminum casings and great attention to detail. Samsung ativ book 9 plus beefed up with core i7 and. Samsung announces samsung ativ book 9 touchscreen notebook. The samsung ativ book 9 keeps the lightweight chassis of the previous. The ativ book 9 plus comes with samsung s side sync, an app that lets you interact with your samsung android device. Ive upped the price and im now looking at the xps vs. Find all answers, topics, software, warranty and more for samsung laptops. Samsung taking preorders on core i7 ativ book 9 plus. Book 9 is the flagship product of ativ line up and is designed with performance and portability in mind.

The samsung ativ book 9 plus is available in a bunch of different spec lineups, toppingout with a haswellgeneration intel core i7 chip, 512gb ssd storage and 8gb ram. The problem is to get 256gb and 8gb ram, you need to opt for the i7. Been waiting for the samsung ativ book 9 plus to be available with the intel core i7 processor. Samsung ativ book 9 plus beefed up with core i7 and windows 8. The ativ 9 plus has not had a chassis design change since its introduction a few years ago. Samsung is taking preorders on an updated version of its ativ book 9 plus ultrabook, which features a core i7 processor and a touchscreen display with a native resolution of 3200 by 1800 pixels. Samsung had a successful event tonight revealing many new products including the replacement for its current series 9 ultrabooks, ativ book 9. Samsung is bringing its superslim inch ultrabook lineup into the haswell age. The ativ book 9 is a brand for group of computers that are part of ativ laptop computer product line from samsung electronics inc. Digital versus ende the samsung ativ book 9 plus is a great ultrabook with an excellent design, lots of processing power and topnotch sound quality for an. The first model we got to look at was the ativ book 9 plus. The samsung ativ book 9 plus, not to be confused with the much lower. The samsung ativ book 9 plus is one of the best ultrabooks on the market, and as of this writing, still one of the few with haswell. Personally, i feel its time for a change, though the current designs are still pretty nice and have stood the test of time.

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